Letter to MoveOn

I wrote this today to MoveOn in  response to a petition they sent me to demand an investigation by the House Judiciary Committee and Justice Department Inspector General of William Barr’s Justice Department, after the announcement they will seek a reduced sentence for Roger Stone.

Dear MoveOn,

Respectfully,  the time for petitions has passed. These are not stopping Trump. We need to be in the streets-from here forward. MoveOn should be calling for this now. If not, you are failing in your mission. I’m sorry to say it and I’m not condemning your work, and know you work hard. But the simple truth is the only thing that will stop this escalating fascism concentrated in Trump and his government is non-violent, mass on-going protest in streets. To concentrate on petitions, occasional protest and voting-when Trump is ripping up the rule of law and has repeatedly shown willingness to steal elections by any means, and continues to get away with it and becomes strengthened,  almost comes down to collaboration with this.

At the very least it suffers under a very dangerous illusion-that democracy and legal channels will still stop this. He will work to steal the election, to further suppress the vote even more than already has, to strip provisional ballots to steal vote, to use social media with help from foreign countries to manipulate public opinion and the vote, use various other means, (some I’m sure blatantly illegal to manipulate or steal the vote), mobilize fascist sentiment in the streets, possibly invade another country, even delay or cancel the vote if other means fail. Or he may simply declare the election null and void, saying it was a fake election, making up phony justifications of bussed-in immigrants or whatever to cover up and justify his clampdown.

He is capable of anything, and if not stopped, we may well be looking at a Nazi Germany type scenario-or possibly a Putin/Erdogan/Duterte/Bolsonaro type fascism. So we, the people generally, must recognize this and act accordingly. To rise repeatedly in mass non-violent protest now, is our only hope.  Yes it will be scary and will cause much upheaval. People may even die, but without this there is little to no hope of preventing even more catastrophe from Trump and his people. What we’re already seeing is small compared to what this regime is capable of if fully consolidated.

Please respond to this historic challenge we face as thinking people.

Thank you,

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