Oppose Trump’s Threats of Nuclear War on North Korea

Trump has threatened  North Korea that any further “threats” to the U.S. would result in the U.S. unleashing “fire and fury” greater than “anything the world has ever seen”, on them. This threat from Trump is clearly evoking nuclear war, and was made on the anniversary of the nuclear devastation of Nagasaki by the U.S. and 3 days after the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing. Now, Trump threatens destruction on a scale even worse than the dropping of those nuclear weapons which incinerated and killed by radiation poisoning, hundreds of thousands of people.

This is outrageous. It’s a very dangerous moment-a moment when it’s very important that people speak up and step out in broad numbers to oppose these threats,  and prevent this fascist regime and Trump, the fascist madman,  from escalating further.

See this article on “What everyone ‘knows’ about North Korea”- interview with professor Bruce Cumings.



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